How Typical Fitness Marketing Causes More Harm Than Good

The images and messages we see with typical fitness marketing can often do more harm than good to us, both physically and mentally.

What I see are images of young men and women, with “perfect” bodies (very little body fat) that promise that “you, too, can look like this!”

That’s an unrealistic claim for a few reasons. Those people look that way because they have the genetic potential to develop those bodies. Those images are likely photoshopped. They may have a lifestyle where they are training all the time and are following strict diets and this lifestyle isn’t realistic for most individuals. And most importantly, no studies show that any amount of training can create a specific body look and shape.

Watch this video to learn more about why this type of imagery is harmful and what the truth is behind the message that many fitness advertisements are sending.

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Shirley Archer -Eichenberger : The Wellness Sensei

Writes about integrative health, embodied mindfulness and the interrelatedness of life. Follow her on Instagram @shirleyarcher