How to Enjoy Food and Maintain Healthy Eating Habits While Traveling

You may have had the experience where you’re preparing for a trip by eating healthier so you can fit into all the beautiful clothes you want to wear while you’re traveling, yet you are also super excited to try all the exciting new food at your destination.

It is possible to maintain healthy eating habits while also enjoying yourself! All it takes is some preparation and mindfulness. Here’s how.

Build a Deficit Leading Up to the Trip

First, I encourage you to live in the moment. Live your life as it unfolds right now. You have the knowledge that you plan to eat a little more than you normally do, so you can prepare ahead of time. You can try to build up a little deficit; maybe eat a little more lightly for 1–2 weeks before your trip. Eat fewer desserts and snack a little less.

Be Selective About Portion Sizes

When you travel, you don’t need to order a main course. You can choose to have a starter or appetizer, then ask for your main course to be on an appetizer-sized plate. You can have a light dessert or share a dessert with your companion.

This way, you can reduce how much you eat in a meal while still enjoying the variety of flavors that’s a part of the culture and location you’re exploring.

Be Mindful When Eating

Bring your full attention to whatever you are about to enjoy. Notice the presentation, take in the different scents, savor the flavors. Really appreciate the variety of senses that eating stipulates. Take your time to really experience it and enjoy it. Maybe even make note of your favorite meals. I know that after I travel, I always bring a few more flavors and meals to my home menu because I discovered that I really enjoy these.

I found I really enjoy kalamata olives in Greece. Yum! Now I’m working on adding more kalamata olives to my daily life because it’s delicious but also so healthy. I also loved the dried, wild oregano in Greece! Now I bring that into more of my meals because I saw all the different ways I could spice foods.

Slow down your eating and notice the experience. Mindless eating leads to overeating.



Shirley Archer -Eichenberger : The Wellness Sensei

Writes about integrative health, embodied mindfulness and the interrelatedness of life. Follow her on Instagram @shirleyarcher